GIS/MappingActivities of GIS
The activities of GIS are preparation of topographical maps, mapping for urban planning, land use zoning maps, digital cadastral data, and maps for environmental studies, project maps for submission of proposal and reports and digitization on of maps. The following activities were carried out for the fiscal year 2017/18:


1. Topographical Survey and Mapping
It was carried out for hydro power, road, railway and other projects at the scale of 1:500 or 1:1000 and 1:5000 by field survey methods. The basic control points (BM) were established with DGPS method using precise GPS receivers and total stations connecting national control network. Details were surveyed by using total stations. Digital data base maps were prepared using GIS software. Map files were prepared and edited as per national standards. Few colour copies were printed from PDF files.

2. Land Use Zoning :
Land use zoning maps and data were prepared from 0.5m resolution colour, satellite imagery, which were geo-referenced on DGPS control points connecting to national control network. Data like soil sample of soil pits, land use information, risks data, socio-economic data and other data were collected in the field and interviewed by FGD method. Soil samples and other data were analyzed. Land use, infrastructure and other data were plotted on the geo-referenced imagery or orthophotos. Present land use, soil, geology, land system, land capacity, superimposition of cadastral layer, risk and land use zoning maps/data base and municipal profile were prepared along with 6 hypes reports of each municipality.
3. Mapping for Environment Survey :

General land use maps/ imageries of the project area were prepared at the scale of 1:5000 or 1:10,000. Cadastral data and maps were also prepared of the affected areas.
4. Topographical Mapping for Preparation of DPR for New Town Development Areas.

Topographical data base was prepared on the basis of control points established by DGPS and total station, and details were surveyed at the scale of 1:500 using field survey techniques. It is used as base map for urban planning. The digital cadastral data were also superimposed on the prepared topographical maps. Socio- economic data also collected. Present land use map were also prepared.

5. Preparation of Project Map :

The general maps of project area is required to show the location of the area. It is also required to update or revise the infrastructure data and administrative boundaries of the project area. Major infrastructures and administrative boundaries were updated at smaller scale or medium scale maps. The location and general maps at required scales and contents were prepared on the basis of the updated maps the project area to submit as technical proposal and further reports.