International Projects

  • Consultancy Service forThe Implementation of Participatory Irrigation Management Capacity Development Program Including Establishing and Strengthening Irrigation Associations and Water User Associations in Kunduz and Takhar Provinces” Client: Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation & Livestock (MAIL), Afghanistan.
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), ESMP & RAP Studies for Salang Highway, Afghanistan Client: Deputy Minister for Admin and Finance, National Road Authority, Jajalabad Road, Kabul, Afghanitan
  • Program Management and Institutional Strengthening (PMIC) CS/02, Loan No. 2752 ARM (Sustainable Urban Development Investment Program-Project 1), Yarevan Development Project, Yerevan Municipality, Yerevan Municipality, Republic of Armenia, ADB/SWEROAD
  • Road Safety Consultancy Services for TA-8027 REG: South Asia Road Safety Programme (Phase 1: Kingdom of Bhutan and Nepal) (45281-001), Nepal and Bhutan, ADB Manila