Organization & Management

The company is operated by board of directors consisting of experienced, qualified, and energetic individuals. The board of directors defines the overall policies, strategies, priorities and modus operandi for each project.

Our Directors

Mr. Punya Prasad Oli

Mr. Oli has completed Masters in Land Survey, 1972, North East London Polytechnic, London, U.K. He has undergone several trainings including Training on Topography (Management of National Mapping Org.) and Land Use Management 1977, USGS, USA ; Remote Sensing, 1981, FAO, Rome, Italy ; Engineering Surveying and Mapping, 1991, GSI, Japan. He has overall 40 years of professional experience as a Senior Surveyor. Mr. Oli has more than 30 years of experience in Survey and Mapping for infrastructure related projects.


Chairman, M.Sc Survey

Mr. Uddab Raj Chaulagain

Mr. Chaulagain has completed M.Sc. in Water Resources Engineering (Specialised in Hydropower & GIS) from Tribhuvan University in 2004. He has undergone several trainings including Hydrological Analysis and Use of Model (HECRAS and HECGEORAS) for hydraulic analysis and planning, IoE, Pulchowk, 2003. He has overall 20 years of professional experience in Water Resources, Hydropower, Bridge and Road projects.



Managing Director
M.Sc. Water Resources Engineering, BE Civil
Phone: +977-9851036653          

Mr. Hem Nidhi Sharma

Mr. Sharma is Civil Engineer in the field of road, bridge & other rural infrastructure related project. He has completed Bachelor in Civil Engineering from Punjab University, India in 1993. He has undergone various professional training including Financial Management Training, Road Design using Soft-well, Human Resources Management Training(MRM), Construction Management and Quality Assurance Trainings, Training on Green Road Construction, Bio-Engineering and Road Maintenance, The BUMP Management and Supervision of Bridge Maintenance Contracts Course. He has 20 years of active professional experience as Road / Bio-Engineer in diverse

Projects.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Director,B.E.Civil
Phone:  +977-9851102437

Our Managing Departments



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Water Resources Irrigation

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Mr. Hem Nidhi Sharma, Director

Dr. Narayan Bhakta Shrestha,

Ass. Director

Mr. Uddab Raj Chaulagain, MDr Mr. Uddab Raj Chaulagain, MD Mr. Hem Nidhi Sharma, Director Mr. Navraj Bohora, MD Mr. Pashupati Bhandari, COO Mr. Punya Pd. Oli, Chairman