ERMC provides consulting services in the following are as:

  • Engineering Projects;
  • Architectural Projects; Planning and Management;
  • EIAs (Environmental Impact Assessments;
  • Socio-economic and social distribution studies; Rural Community development interventions;
  • Program/Project identification, appraisals and design;
  • Program/Project implementation;
  • Evaluation and Monitoring of development endeavours;
  • Training and Human Resource Development (HRD);
  • Preparation of Documentation, norms, standards;
  • Research;

The firm believes in a “holistic” approach towards Development and Environment. It has adopted a multi–disciplinary and integrated strategy in providing services. A development project is viewed as a part of the whole system, an action on any of whose component has far reaching effects on everything related to it. With that in mind and as infrastructure can not be divorced from development as such, we proceed to engineering and related science jobs in the following sectors:


  • Highways, Hill Roads, Green Roads etc.
  • Bridges
  • Airports
  • Railways and Metro


Water Supply and Sanitation

Irrigation and Agriculture

Water Resources

  • River Basin Planning and Development
  • Flood Forecasting and Early Warning Flood Risk
  • Management and Mitigation
  • Climate Change Adaptation

Urban Planning, Urban Development and Architecture

  • Urban Development, Urban Planning, Urban Infrastructure
  • Development, Solid Waste Management, Buildings etc.

GIS and Mapping

  • Survey, GIS and Mapping

Human Resource Management and Capacity Building